Subject of the action

Loyalty and discount on the turnover at the end of the year.

Name of the initiative

CB Card

Recipients of the discount at the end of the year

Recipients of the discount are our clients and merchants that operate in the sectors of textile , who buys to resell to third parties.

Occasional sales

You will not receive our Cb discount card: For occasional sales,to non-practitioners, representatives, wholesalers, public bodies, associations at the discretion of Cb Distribution S.r.l.

How does it work

Points accumulation takes place by using the CB advantages card and by purchasing merchandise equal or above 250 euros plus vat as tax law for Italian clients, instead for foreign customers who shop equal or above 250 euros vat tax expenses are excluded and you only pay net merchandise then.

Assigning points

To each CB advantages card holder with at least 12 points accumulated, will be given a discount in euros equal to each point on the card. The holder is required to take advantage of the discount built up into a single document from January to February, after these months the operation will end and for no reason it will be possible to use your accumulated discount.

When using points accumulated

Cb cardholders who purchase at CB DISTRIBUTION S.R.L. will have on a virtual shopping cart € 4,00 for each € 250,00 net's goods, equivalent to approximately 2% discount. Cb cardholders will be able to use the discount after accumulating at least 36 points.


Point score will be visible in real time on your invoice in the space provided or may be required at carrier checkout showing the Cb advantages card. In addition, customers enrolled on our web portal can easily verify the points in their documents directly from their WEB Panel.

Unused points

All unused points will automatically be zeroed.


may request an identity document at the carrier of the CB advantages cardholder.

Block and deduction of the discount amount on the CB Card advantages card

The company CB DISTRIBUTION S.R.L reserves the right to block the card on which are found unpaid or unusual transactions(example: you accumulate or use points with unpaid invoices or not paid regularly or deduct the points paid for invoices you jog with credit memo)

Communication of the initiative CB/ benefits

CB DISTRIBUTION S.R.L company. disclose the CB advantages card initiative through various forms of communication: internal signs, posters, banners, paper, printed various mailings.