Who we deal with in our web site CBDISTRIBUTION.COM?

Our web site directs in particular to the traders and distributors that deal, as their main business, the products included in our catalogue and that they are interest in buying them for a large quantity, as the conditions and the prices they find are more convenient for their needs.

How can i browse CBDISTRIBUTION.COM?

In order to visit our catalogue you must be registered.

If you are not registered you need to click on “Visit our catalogue” and then on "Sign up".

Once logged on, you can enter in the catalogue area clicking on one of our three categories "IN PROMOTIONS" – CLASSIC - NEW FASHION COLLECTION (new arrivals) . Clicking on each category you will see all our manufacturers brands.

Clicking on each brand you will see a page that contains the lines of product.

In order to buy, you have to click first on the photo of each article and then on the big image.

Now you'll see a table in wich you will fill the the cells with the quantity you wish to order for each size and colour. In order to dislplay and modify the cart, and open the orders not yet confirmed you have to click on “show articles”. In order to confirm the order you have to click on “send the order”. Now you will not see the order in your login area. It's better, therefore, that before sending your order, you proceeds to save in Excel format the order on your computer clicking on “save the order”.

Why is it important to be registered?

Access to our catalog is possible only after the login.

Registering yourself you will enjoy these advantages:

1. You easily can plan your supply, especially if you are going to open you new business in the underwear sector;
2. You can display our prices only after login;
3. You can make an order choosing the articles, quantities, sizes and colour you need.
4. sYou have the important opportunity to see not only the continuative articles but also our new fashion collections. This is an exclusive opportunity to see the samples of the future seasons and plan your purchase for the next year.

What to do if I forget my password?

Go to Remember Password and enter your email address with which you are registered, and we will send you a new password, which can easily change as he enters.

It is possible to order a product that I don't find on the web site?

It is possible that some products that are not published on our web catalogue are anyway available in our warehouses. For more information about product availability please send an email to info@cbdistribution.com

Is it possible to order by phone?

Yes it is possible to order by phone and it will be valid the same terms of sale you will find in the page "terms of sale". Please, call this number (+39) 085/950523.

All the products of the web catalogue are immediately availables?

Usually all the products are available, but it could happen that we need to order a part of them to our suppliers. In any case, if an article is not available within a week, or it is not available for the quantity ordered, we will send you an email so you will be able to decide to confirm or delete the order.

How it is possible to contact the customer care staff?

For any information about your order, delivery times and if you need a purchasing guide, please feel free to contact our customer care staff at number (+39) 085/950523 or by e-mail to info@cbdistribution.com.

What is the Newsletter and how I can receive it?

Our newsletter is an email that periodically informs our registered customers about news about our company and new content you will find in our web site. If you wish to receive our newsletter you have to flag the ad hoc field in the registration form. In any moment you will be able to stop receiving our newsletter contacting this e-mail address. If you are able to use a software reading RSS messages, will be able to receive in automaticly ours news underwriting the relative service in our News area.

Why i can't see the prices anymore?

Our system allow to see the prices for a limited time, that it's renew automaticly after an order.

Can I take a long time for the goods in the undercarriage?

Would be preferable to order and confirm the order, more soon as possible, especially fashion or end series articles, instead, for the continuous articles take all the time is necessary.

Could i change or cancel a confirmed order?

For managerial reasons, the orders that are confirmed can not be changed and / or canceled.

Could i pay with Paypal?

Of course, but the fees will be charged on the invoice.

What I have to do to be registered?

Fill the registration form (which can also be accessed from here) pointing out that there are fields for the success of registration, will receive an email where you will be a link to confirm your registration.

Once checked the data, it will enable the display of prices and our news.

N.B.: we will release a password only to business unit owning a vat number. CB DISTRIBUTION S.R.L. anyway reserves to our own decision the approval of the registration. Generally we choose to deny the access to companies classified as wholesaler of underwear, hosiery, knitwear, lingerie and similar or indirectly connected to them. Registration of marketing, advertising, information technology and similar will be approved to our discretion.

The prices of individual items are VAT included?

No, the prices are without VAT because it will be applied to the order confirmation, if due.